Little steps forward in improving “attitude”, using your inner “athlete” and managing “appetite” makes a huge difference in how we approach our day. From parents who stay at home to the highest paid employees in corporate America, we all need to feel balanced. What attitude do you have upon waking up and greeting the day? How are you using and strengthening your inner athlete? Is your appetite fueling your body and mind? The three a’s: attitude, athlete and appetite make me feel successful, content, happy and fueled to fight everything that comes my way!


Amy and Eric Schulz – Partners in nutrition and fitness!

I have always been a problem solver, planner and social advocate, while also being a business owner, wife and mother. If there is something not working or someone needs help, I like to jump in and help. About 6 years ago my husband was ready to lose weight, we worked together he lost 100 pounds. We were successful together, his desire and my planning went hand in hand.

In January 2014 I found myself down in the dumps, feeling unhappy with myself, and sluggish, I needed change. Through Facebook I had seen friends exercising together, I felt jealous and left out, I wanted to be there too! I joined The Warehouse in Rosemount, MN and my life will never be the same. I found out what happens when you surround yourself with positive role models, everyone enjoyed working out together, it was warm and welcoming. People shared tips, advice, success stories…little milestones were celebrated! I felt powerful in the small steps I was making with my health and fitness.

Now I am confident with how I feel, I know how to eat foods that make my body happy. I know exercises to keep myself from getting injured. I did not just gain fitness and nutrition knowledge, I gained knowledge helping me to be happier too. The new friends I met lift me up, empowered me and taught me the power of inspiring others.

I love to celebrate success and enjoy helping others find their way to success, and happiness. Happiness is not found it is made and we need to find ways that make us happy!

What can I do for you?

  • Accountability buddy to help you reach your goals
  • Support for cleaning up the foods you eat
  • Recipe provider, I share recipes that my family and I love
  • Fitness support – I do cardio, weight training, HIIT, yoga, pilates – let me help you find fitness that works for you
  • Motivator – success happens when you surround yourself with people who are positive

View my upcoming challenge group and see if support, accountability and motivation is what will help you succeed!