2016 A healthier year with 365 TIPS for you!

2016 A healthier year with 365 TIPS for you!

2016 First 30 Tips! Follow me on www.facebook.com/amysaaalifestyle to see my daily tips!

#1 Get a 25 ounce water bottle, designate it for water only and keep it close at hand all day to help get your daily water in! Want me favorite water bottle? Message me!

#2 When I cut veggies for dinner I always cut up extra and keep a bag in the refrigerator! When I “need” something it’s always easier to grab something quick…veggies are a great quick grabbing snack! Add some hummus or mashed avocado and you are doing even better.

#3 “Just move it!” Everyday make a choice to fit in an exercise of your choice. Enjoy a walk, jog, swim, ski, skate, push play in your home TV as Eric and I do, get to studio for a cardio class, yoga, stretching…What did I miss?

#4 Pack a snack! I hardly ever leave home without putting a snack in my purse. I hate feeling hungry and don’t want to feel the need to buy a snack.

#5 Eat protein! Nickie Carrigan owner of our local fitness studio helped me see nutrition in a different light. I changed the foods I was eating, started eating more including lots of great protein…I had been under eating…my body loved all the new nutrition and I lost a few more pounds, but the big change was how I was able to develop lean muscle and tone! Yes! Want to know more? I’m here to help others who are or have experienced this!!

#6 Birds of a Feather Flock Together! Who in your life helps you achieve your goals? Who pushes you to always do your best? Surround yourself with positive, happy people and you will get so much in return!

#7 – Provide healthy options – My 14 year old walks in the door from school or sports and the 1st thing he says is “I’m hungry” followed by “Can I have a sparkling water?” I’ve witnessed that some of the changes and choices I make for myself have made a ripple down effect into my kids.

#8 Prevent Bloat After having a day of poor food choices here is one thing I do. I aim for eating foods that won’t cause bloating. These are great foods to pick if you are already feeling bloated!


#9 – Buy these foods organic – I’ve made many small changes, but this is one that was hardest for me. Mostly it was hard because of the fear of the extra “cost.” Once I started buying them I realize that they often taste better and the piece of mind that my family is not eating foods treated with chemicals. Also when I watch sales I often spend very little extra for a higher quality of food!


#10 Don’t be fooled, read labels! These are both canned organic tomatoes, but look at the back and the huge difference in sodium. I try to buy everything I can without salt added. I prefer to control my salt intake and add it myself.


#11 Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water everyday – Yah yah, we are always hearing drink water, but do you know how important it really is? Water is essential to so many bodily processes and if your body is deprived of water it won’t be working to its potential.

#12 You are a reflection and people are watching you. Fight hard!

#13 Live by 80/20 – For the last 2 years I have followed this advice….I work hard and eat right 80% of the time, that leaves me room to enjoy 20% of treats of my choice! Don’t put yourself on a diet and limit things, make a change to manage your health by the 80/20 plan!

#14 Don’t cut carbs, choose them wisely – Your body needs carbs, but it doesn’t need refined sugar. Educate yourself on good complex carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, popcorn and whole grain pastas.

#15 Smile More! Often a lot of things is “mind over matter”, putting a smile on while doing something hard makes the task easier! So today spread your smile and see what effects it has!
#16 Eat breakfast – Get your body started right, you need energy for every function in your body. When we don’t eat breakfast, how do we expect it to work for us?

#17 Good clean veggies! No need to spend more money when buying these veggies. Let’s save when we can while making healthy choices at the grocery store! Review the list on the left for those you should buy organically. The list on the right are grown and produced in ways that are lower in residual pesticides. So happy eating!


#18 Set a goal! My daughter aims for 10,000 steps a day. She uses a Fitbit to track her steps. What is a goal you have and how do you track it?

#19 Be Positive We all have hardships, things we would change and stress, the one things we all can do to help us through is to find positivity. I believe every cloud has a silver lining. Today find a positive and focus on it and feel how good it makes you feel!

#20 Don’t beat yourself up – You may know that I was on vacation for 10 nights in Belize. We enjoyed food, beach drinks, active with our kids but did not do serious workouts. I did not want to try to squeeze into jeans this am…I am allowing myself a few days to let my body adjust to good healthy food, getting my water intake back to normal, getting my exercise in daily….I deserved the wonderful vacation and I am trying to not beat myself up about it!

#21 Make clean up easier! No one loves doing dishes…message me to see my favorite scrubbers. They do an amazing job on all pots and pans! I order them in bulk!

#22 Exercise I’m usually an early am exerciser, but today I am signed up for a 6pm class….what to eat so I’m ready…this is a power packed nutritious combo! One of my favorites vegan tropical strawberry shakeology, 1/2 frozen banana, ice, almond milk, 1 T cocoa nibs and 1 T pb2. Sooo yummy! Need nutrition like this that is fast, yummy and easy?

#22 Start your day with lemons! I enjoy a cup of hot water with lemon squeezed in while my tea/coffee is brewing. I actually find I enjoy tea/coffee better after I have my lemon water!

#23 Raise your standards! This is a great 12 minute video, listen when you have time, whether you are in the car, waiting for the kids….make time and you’ll find out why I think it’s worth your time. He gives us 5 ways to raise our standards to promote happiness in our life. Which one speaks the most to you? http://youtu.be/56ulfN9GUgY

#24 Coconut Oil When I started my new health journey two years ago, coconut oil is one thing I added to my cooking. I have found that I love 1/2tsp stirred into oatmeal as it is a yummy healthy fat. I also use coconut oil for stir frying regularly. An added bonus for those in snowy winters like me, it is great on dry sensitive skin! **When you buy coconut oil pick an unrefined product as it is unprocessed.

#25 Dress your salad – One of the best and healthiest options for salad dressing is extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Have fun in trying different flavors of EVOO and balsamic vinegars. A little goes a long way, try 1/2tsp of each and if you need more boost it up to 1tsp.

#26 Choose to wash the dishes! Washing dishes reduces stress by 27%,the next time I have a choice between doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom….I’ll choose the dishes!
#27 Save your veggie scraps! When I cut up veggies I always wash them first and then any excess veggie peelings or ends get tossed into a ziploc bag in the freezer. When I roast a chicken and after my family has enjoyed all the meat I boil the chicken bones with my saved veggie scraps! It is the best chicken broth and so healthy! Have herbs going bad? Freeze them also! The greens from the tops of carrots and turnips, save them too!

Tip #28 Choose to be happy! A great 7 minute video, gather the people that are around you and watch this together. http://youtu.be/OI9jv_KJsTw

#29 Save a “yellow” for wine – My yellow 21 day fix container allows me to have wine, so I planned all day to enjoy my yellow containers tonight!

#30 Make One Small Change – Want results? Want change? Should you attack your ultimate goal on day 1? A series of small changes will give you results and help you be more successful. If I think back to two years ago one of the first changes I made was cutting back on the amount of red meat we eat. We started having it just 1-2 times a week and added in more fish, chicken and turkey as they are much leaner. About a year ago I started buying certain foods organically grown, which I am so happy I did that as I feel better about feeding them to my kids and know they are a healthier option.

Today my change I’m working on is fueling our bodies to support weight lifting that Eric and I are now doing. I like to feel strong and have muscle definition. It takes a different diet to help repair and build muscles. We aren’t going to be bodybuilders, but our bodies will be strong to help prevent injury.

So where are you at? What small change can you make this week? I’m here to help guide you and give you advise, so if feel a change is needed PM me!
#31 Eat more greens! I have great salad recipes, message me to get a copy of my favorite salads!

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