How I Get My Superfoods

Want the secret to our family’s health and vibrance?
It’s simple: Shakeology.

We drink it daily. Shakeology lives up to our standards when it comes to nutrition. There are no artificial colors or flavors, no chemicals, no soy, and no additives.

Want to know what we were looking for, and why we chose Shakeology?

Back in February 2014, I was lacking energy, not feeling like myself and some of my bodily functions just were not functioning properly. A fitness club and personal trainer helped me realize that I was not eating enough food and not getting my daily nutrients in. Also some prebiotics and probiotics would help bodily functions – tee hee:) After a few days, I was shocked, my energy was higher, I was happier, I could feel my body reacting better and then, longer term, my skin, hair and nails were happier too! Yes I was eating healthy, but shakeology is nutrient dense nutrition that would be difficult to get from just food alone. One shake a day and I feel great!

So then Eric tries it…he had some other issues with being diagnosed prediabetic and dealing with unfortunate gout. Eric kicks off his weight loss with exercise and dialed in nutrition. Eric enjoyed shakeology for times when he is busy, as a quick lunch at work or a mid-day snack. It helped him stay focused throughout the day and helped him cut calorie high snacks from his normal diet.

Cameron? Well this is cool…he asked to have shakes too, so I said sure. After a few days, unsolicited he said that he wasn’t nearly as hungry before lunch at school and not as tired during the day. Coming from a then 12 year old, I wanted to jump for joy! Having my middle schooler be more alert and not have to be hungry while learning? That’s huge!

Kendall also asked for a daily shake, she went from the doctor warning me to help her watch what she eats, to the doctor saying what did you do? She was not eating poorly, she wasn’t inactive…I just know that kids have a hard time getting in their daily dose of nutrition. Shakeology took care of that for her and she loves it.

How do I feel as a Mom and Wife? Purely awesome that I finally found a fast, yummy, convenient way to help myself and my family get the nutrition they need. We are busy and often on the run, shakeology is our meal on the go. Now don’t get me wrong my kids like McDonald’s, but if you ask them which one fills them up? “Shakeo” they’d say!

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