Success Stories

It is my belief that anyone with a success story has gotten to a point when they say, “I’m ready.” Take a look at some of the amazing success stories that have come out of challenge groups that I have run! My challenge groups focus on accountability and when you are held accountable to your goals, success happens!

Betty Cardoza’s Success Story




Whys can change by Amy Schulz

About a week ago, I was about ready to shut my phone down for the night, when a picture pops up on my screen. When I first started as a Beachbody Coach my why consisted mainly of myself and the health of my family. Now, I have people in my life who have helped redevelop my WHY. When I got this picture my heart skipped a beat, tears welled up, I got a huge smile and my whole body felt warm. Those are feelings that are hard to earn….now as a Beachbody Coach, this is what is happening to me. I get introduced to people like Betty Cardoza and a friendship grows. I have never met her in person, but I know that someday I will and I will give her the biggest hug. I am proud of her, she has not had an easy journey to make a healthy change in her life. I am excited to be able to share her story!

Back in February 2015 Sandy Blalock invited Betty to do a Drop 10 with a friend group. Betty made small changes in her food choices, started enjoying a daily shakeology and adding exercise to her day. February went great for her and she continued participating in every challenge group I ran. By May she was down 26 pounds and feeling great. Today Betty is excited as she surpassed her first goal of getting below 200 pounds, with a total loss of 47 pounds!

What is bigger and better than weight loss? By the change in Betty’s nutrition and exercise she has lowered her cholesterol from 230 to 180! Also her kidney level went from stage 3 disease to stage 2. Betty feels she has added years onto her life. She proves that making a change and choosing healthy foods makes a HUGE change in how body is able to heal and mend. She is saying prayers of thanks and without a doubt a day does not go by that she doesn’t  take daily action to continue!

Flash forward to today! Betty wants to pay it forward by giving others tips and advice of things that worked for her. Her story was NOT easy. Her starting weight was 240+, she hadn’t been exercising, making healthy food choices were not part of her day, if you are or have been in this position you know how the first day felt. Betty didn’t do it alone, her sister Sandy was there by her side cheering her on every day. If you are ready let Betty be your motivator! She is ready and wanting to help others as a Beachbody Coach!

Betty’s top successes!

  • Total weight loss so far 47 pounds
  • Pant size from tight in a size 16 to a size 10!
  • Cholesterol dropped from 230 to 180!
  • Kidney level went from stage 3 disease to stage 2
  • Stopped drinking her daily coke in February

Betty’s top tips:

  • Learn to eat more veggies
  • Eat mostly chicken and fish
  • Drink half of your body weight in water
  • Reduce or cut pop out of your day
  • Find a group of people who will motivate you and keep you accountable

Betty’s next goals:

  • Muscle toning
  • Continue healthy habits to keep seeing results in her weight loss and overall health

Amy Schulz’s Success Story


I am Amy Schulz and live in Rosemount, MN. My husband, Eric and I will celebrate our 18 year anniversary in August. We have 2 children, Cameron age 13 and Kendall age 10. I am a stay-at-home Mom and a business owner, which allows me to work from home. I have many loves in my life, but the most important in my life is the time in which we spend at our cabin with our family and friends. One of my motto’s is “The more the merrier!” So you can imagine how much fun we have, when all our family and cabin friends hang out!

Historically I have never been on a diet, have I changed the way we eat? Yes. About 6 years ago, I accompanied my husband, Eric during a time when he felt the determination to get his health and fitness in control. Eric lost 80 pounds through a combined effort of me changing the way I grocery shop, to how we cook and our expectations of what a meal consists of.

In December 2013, I knew that January was going to be my turn. After a wonderful summer at the cabin and being on vacation too much, I was not happy with weight I had put on. (I call it my summer weight ie: what happens at the cabin with too much good food and drinks!) My father was also ready for a health change, so why not some friendly competition? He and I set goals, I joined the January challenge at The Warehouse in Rosemount and I hit the ground running. I was committed and determined, as I am slightly competitive. J I weighed myself every Monday AM and wrote my weight down on a chart hanging in my kitchen. My kids were involved, Eric, my Mom and my Dad. I had many cheerleaders! I was on a strict eat clean regimen, I did not eat carbs including bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and tried to stick with 1-2 fruits a day. I also did not enjoy my wine or other cocktails. I lost 10 pounds from January 6th to January 31st! I was ecstatic!

Now did all that weight drop off easily? What did my body feel like? Yes the weight came off easily and it worked for me, as my brain was set and dialed in, I was not cheating! However, my body was freaking out, certain parts of me were not regular so therefore trying to eat things to keep me regular. I was sometimes embarrassed by how my body reacted in unpleasant sensory ways. Are you picking up what I am discreetly saying? Also emotionally I was a wreck as I was crabby, unmotivated and just felt in a slump.

February comes along and the next challenge at The Warehouse is “Drop 10 with a friend.” I convince Eric to join me in this challenge which was similar to the January challenge, but a food plan would be provided. We were given a menu of real food, including fruits and carbs, can you sense my excitement? The other part was that I had to incorporate Shakeology into my day. I do not jump on band wagons, don’t follow crowds and a bit of a skeptic, so this was not sitting easy. However, I was surrounded by new friends at The Warehouse and wonderful supporters, so I trusted them and bought my first bag of Shakeology. I made my first shake and the kids immediately asked for their own. So here comes my February game changer! After about 4 days of having Shakeology as my breakfast, my body was regular and I was not afraid of sensory issues. J The garbage was washed out and my body was running clean! I felt great and I did not need to worry about eating fiber that would make me bloated or stinky!! Also I was happier, more patient, great energy and I was sleeping great!

Sometimes it is the unexpected that makes us the most proud…My son Cameron, unsolicited announced one morning over his daily breakfast of shakeology that he used to be starving at school before lunch. He told me that since he has had shakeology for breakfast that he has no problem making it until lunch. I was proud of myself for the way, my change impacted me, but also the fact that my 7th grader is now able to sit in school and focus on learning rather than hunger. I have accomplished many great things in my life and have many proud moments. With that being said it makes me so proud to know the changes I made for my health and nutrition have also hugely benefited my family. I have made a positive impact on my family and their nutrition. My friends and acquaintances come to me and ask me what I have done. People are asking me for advice! This is not who I used to be, I have never wanted this or seeked it out. Now that I am here, I am LOVING it! There is nothing more satisfying then to help others with their fight towards nutrition.

Moving into October 2014, Eric and I complete the 21 Day Ultimate Reset. It was a challenge, but it was worth the time and energy as I learned about new foods I really enjoy. During this time I came to appreciate organic foods, as part of the Ultimate Reset is being careful about what we put in our bodies. I now know which foods we should eat organic and have changed how I buy some of our groceries.

We keep charging along and in February 2015 out comes the 21 day fix extreme! I was excited by the after photos from people who completed the program. People were getting toned, which is the direction I wanted to go. Eric and I stuck to the program and did all the exercise DVD’s and ate to Autumn’s Countdown to Competition Program. I was eating MORE than I ever had and saw great results. Needless to say I definitely could see more muscle definition and realized the importance of working out with weights.

So now where are we? Well Eric had heard people talking about Body Beast! Building muscle and toning is Eric’s goal and mine, so we get the program and start going. After 30 days, I was shocked! I had a 6-pack starting to show! What an amazing feeling to know how these programs really do work! We are moving through the 90 days of Body Beast and looking forward to increased muscle tone, as that is what everyone needs to keep our bodies strong and free from injury!

What’s next? I am not sure. I am reaching out and offering the helping hand. I am enjoying inspiring, helping others and looking for more success stories!


Eric Schulz Success Story


If I’m going to tell my weight loss story, I should start at that moment of truth that forced me to make a change. This was long before I had ever heard of Shakeology or The Warehouse, in Rosemount. In the summer of 2007 we were on a family vacation to Grand Lake, Colorado. At the time I was hovering right around 300 pounds. It really hit me on that trip that I was not happy with myself. It was difficult to keep up with Cameron and Kendall who were 5 and 2 years old at the time. Horseback riding was a whole other story. I made a commitment then and there that I was going to change, but I really didn’t know what to do about it. I had a couple friends who went through some very costly programs and were successful in meeting their goals and thought I should do that. This is when Amy stepped in with a plan. I know whenever I’m struggling with something she will always help me develop a plan. Looking back on it now, I may have been successful i n one of those weight loss programs for a period of time, but I know now I would have ended up right back where I was without a whole lifestyle change. Rather than going it alone we changed as a family. I lost over 80 pounds in a fairly short amount of time by just changing my diet and starting a moderate exercise program. If it hadn’t been for Amy and changing how we eat as a family the weight loss would never have happened.

Moving ahead to February 2014, I was plagued by a couple of injuries and getting a little off track Amy again comes to the rescue. She really does know how to push my buttons! The February challenge at The Warehouse was “Drop 10 with a friend”. Amy wanted to participate and knew if she told me there was another guy she wanted to be partners with I’d get off my lazy butt and come to The Warehouse with her. After 1 month of Shakeology and workouts I had managed to drop over 10 pounds and was completely hooked. I hated group fitness classes, but there is something different about going to The Warehouse!
By August I was more active and in better shape than I had been in a long time and I had lost 35 pounds and feeling great!


I am now discovering in this new journey that I don’t have an end goal anymore. This is about commitment and determination to lead a healthier lifestyle. I don’t consider myself a health nut at all. I enjoy good bourbon or a glass or two of wine and I love cooking and eating great food, but now I work hard to enjoy it. I’ve gone from keeping up with life to seeing if life can keep up with me!


I restarted my fitness journey in February 2014 after nursing some injuries for a period of time. My wife was the one to finally push me back in the right direction and it is much easier for both of us to hold each other accountable and plan meals together. At that time I got hooked on my new fitness adventure and shakeology and managed to lose 50 pounds before the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I felt great but knew I could be better so the journey continues.


It really didn’t take much to inspire me to take this step. We attended a “Super Saturday” event and learned all about it. I was very excited to see if the 21 Day Fix Extreme cold push me to the next level. My wife logged in just as it was going on sale so we could make sure we got on board right away. I have discovered over the past year that Challenge Groups run by my wife and others really work to keep me accountable. The gym we belong to is also a great place where many of the members are involved in challenge groups and are using the same Beachbody products that we use every day. I was on a pretty good track before beginning the 21 Day fix Extreme. I was at a weight that I hadn’t been at in 25 years and I felt great. The timing worked great coming off of a vacation and needing to get my nutrition back on track.

The menu and the containers really helped me with portion sizes. I think this is where I get most off track if I’m not careful and it’s a good way to get back in the habit of eating the correct portions. I was skeptical about 30 minute workouts and working out at home. I am a group fitness cardio junkie. There was just enough cardio to give me that fix and adding the weights was a great bonus. I did get to work out with my awesome wife most days so it wasn’t like I was by myself jumping around in front of a TV.

I am most proud of the difference I can see in my arms and shoulders. I don’t remember the last time I could see muscle definition like I have now probably because I never had it before now. I’ve also changed my eating habits to include more frequent but smaller meals and have incorporated many of the meals and snacks from the menu into my daily routine.

I love it when I see someone I haven’t seen for a while and they do a double take. Some people comment about how I’ve lost weight but what I really like is when they say I look “fit”. I’ve never had anyone tell me that before and it feels great! After completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme I’m sure I will do it again soon but first I need to get on the Body Beast program and work on building a little more of that muscle I’m so proud of!